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Sciatica Relief from Our Lexington Chiropractor

Sciatica is a frustrating condition that can really disrupt your daily activities. If you suffer from this disorder, treatment from our Lexington chiropractor at our Lynch Chiropractic Center can bring welcome relief from pain.

sciatica treatment

Symptoms and Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition that is frequently misunderstood.  It is actually a term for radiating pain along the sciatic nerve.  This nerve runs from the lower back through the hips and ultimately down both legs.  Our back pain doctor utilizes a whole-person approach in freeing patients from this pain and in achieving good health. 

This disorder occurs from compression of the sciatic nerve, most often from a slipped or herniated disc.  Sciatica is not an illness in itself, but a signal of a problem with the lower portion of the back as well as the sciatic nerve. 

One misconception is that it takes a major event such as an injury from a car accident to cause this condition.  In fact, even a minor spinal misalignment due to prolonged sitting, arthritis, or age-related physical deterioration can result in significant health issues.

Although sciatica symptoms vary among patients, these are the most common noted in the patients treated in our Lexington, KY clinic:

  • Throbbing
  • Numbing
  • Sensation of radiating or burning pain running from the back to the buttocks and down the leg

Treatment Options from Our Back Pain Doctor

Around 30 million U.S. patients opt for chiropractic treatment every year.  With their knowledge of the detailed structure of the body and how it functions, chiropractors are well suited to treating sciatica.  Doctors of chiropractic offer conservative and customized therapies to relieve pain and restore well-being.  Our back pain doctor treats the cause of the problem—misalignment of the spine—using methods that are natural and non-invasive.

A recent study illustrates the effectiveness of chiropractic in treating sciatica.  It followed 44 workers with sciatica who complained of severe pain at a hospital.  A majority had already experienced pain for at least three weeks.  After healthcare workers evaluated them, a chiropractor provided treatment, usually for 14 or fewer sessions.  After 21 days, 91 percent of the subjects were again working full-time and two returned part-time.

At an initial consultation, our chiropractor performs a physical exam and conducts tests to find the cause of misalignment.  Our equipment is state-of-the-art for determining a precise diagnosis for each patient and pinpointing even the smallest spinal misalignments.

A comprehensive treatment plan offers customized therapy to reduce sciatic nerve compression and manage pain.  Options, often used in combination, include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Massage
  • Manual medicine
  • Physiotherapy exercises
  • Alterations in lifestyle

Schedule a Consultation with Our Lexington Chiropractor Today!

Don’t let sciatica get in the way of an active lifestyle.  Our experienced Lexington chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Lynch, is eager to help you get started on the path toward good health. Call us at our Lynch Chiropractic Center at (859) 266-1999 today to schedule a Lexington, KY consultation and begin your journey toward the pain-free life you deserve.