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Lexington Chiropractor for Children Allows Kids to Thrive Naturally

If you are looking for a chiropractor for children in Lexington, look no further than Dr. Lynch at Lynch Chiropractic Center. There are several reasons why parents are turning to the gentle chiropractic methods for their children these days. They worry about the side-effects of drug-based therapies on their children’s growing bodies. They also like how chiropractic stimulates the body’s own natural healing and growth mechanisms to work as they should. Dr. Lynch is a highly-skilled chiropractor for infants and pre-school kids as well as grade school children and adolescents; chiropractic is a great natural alternative for all ages.

Our Chiropractor for Children Provides Gentle Healing

A healthy, correctly-aligned spine is important from birth and throughout life. When the spine is not properly aligned at any point along the way, nerves are being pinched, which inhibits the ability to communicate important messages about function and development throughout the body. This is why a chiropractor for children is so important. Aside from treating immediate problems like colic, ear infections, allergies and school or sports injuries typical in active children, Dr. Lynch can assist children in keeping their posture aligned for their optimal development over the years. In addition to their regularly-scheduled annual physicals and dental appointments, we recommend regular pediatric chiropractic checkups as well so that we can make sure posture is developing in a healthy way.

As a chiropractor for infants, Dr. Lynch can apply gentle chiropractic technique well-suited for even newborns. He understands the different adjustment needs for children of every age. When he applies an adjustment to a newborn with colic, the pressure used is literally so light that you could comfortably apply it to your own eye. He has helped many babies overcome colic and frequent ear infections this way, because often they are the result of small spinal misalignments. It is also possible address developing allergies by keeping a child’s spine better aligned, since it helps the nervous system better regulate the immune system. His gentle chiropractic style continues throughout childhood, always at the appropriate pressure for each age.

School sports, over-loaded book bags and stress of all kinds can take a toll on a child’s still-growing spine which makes having a chiropractor for children beneficial. This puts them at risk for scoliosis and other problems; this is a time when regular pediatric chiropractic visits are necessary. Dr. Lynch can also help your child find more ergonomic ways to carry backpacks and engage in sports. He can also help when kids suffer sprains and strains from their activities.

As a Lexington chiropractor for children as well as adults, Dr. Lynch is here for your entire family. If you are concerned about any health condition in your child, call for a chiropractic consultation. If chiropractic care is right for your child, it can be a truly nurturing and natural way of helping your child develop and grow into his or her highest health potential.