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Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Relief From Our Chiropractor in Lexington KY

The shoulder is one of those amazingly functional joints that enables countless everyday tasks you can easily take for granted -- until the pain in one or both shoulders suddenly renders you incapable of those tasks. But don't assume that you have to have surgery to experience relief and enjoy a working shoulder once again. Our chiropractor in Lexington KY, Dr. Lynch, can prescribe non-surgical treatment options to help you feel and function better.

shoulder treatment

The Nature of Shoulder Pain

The ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder consists of multiple structures and is therefore vulnerable to multiple kinds of pain and dysfunction. Examples include:

  • Rotator cuff injury - The rotator cuff is a set of tendons and muscles that permit your shoulder to move freely in all directions. An acute tear or recurring strain in any of these tissues can leave you with a chronic ache in the shoulder.
  • Pinched nerve pain - A pinched nerve may cause either localized or referred shoulder pain. A whiplash injury or degenerated disc in the neck, for example, can relay pinched nerve pain to the shoulder. Swollen tissues in the shoulder can also pinch nerves.
  • Frozen shoulder - Adhesive capsulitis, better known as frozen shoulder, literally prevents your ball-and-socket joint from moving. It occurs when the tissues of the joint capsule develop adhesions (scarring) and inflammation.
  • Bursitis - Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa, the fluid-filled sac that minimizes the degree of friction between joint components. Falls, sports injuries, and workplace overuse injuries can all inflammation, swelling, and shoulder pain that may radiate down the arm.
  • Arthritis - Arthritis in the shoulder joint occur as a by-product of a rotator cuff injury, or it may simply develop with age as the cartilage wears out. Chronic overuse of a shoulder can accelerate the progress of arthritis.

Chiropractic Solutions for Soft Tissue Injuries and Pinched Nerve Pain

Let Lynch Chiropractic Center shoulder the burden of finding natural solutions to your shoulder pain. Our chiropractor in Lexington will take your medical history, discuss your lifestyle and work routine, and examine the shoulder joint carefully to discover the underlying cause of your distress. This exhaustive approach helps us prescribe safe, non-surgical treatments to stop your shoulder pain at its source and help you regain optimal freedom of motion.

Pinched nerve pain felt in the shoulder often responds to chiropractic adjustments-- not just extremity adjustments to the joint itself, but also cervical spinal adjustments that take the pressure off of major nerve roots. Specialized manipulations and physical therapy can help undo the adhesions that cause frozen shoulder. We can also recommend exercises,  lifestyle adjustments, and anti-inflammatory nutritional strategies to keep arthritis and soft tissue pain at bay.

Put Your Shoulder in Good Hands -- Call Lynch Chiropractic Center Today!

Lynch Chiropractic Center is ready to help you master your shoulder pain the natural way. Call (859) 266-1999 today for an appointment!