Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment with our Lexington Chiropractor

When you visit our trusted chiropractor in Lexington for back pain, you want to address the reasons for your pain. In our clinic, we evaluate your discomfort and clarify the reasons for your pain before developing a strategy to help your back heal. We focus on treating the cause of your pain and reducing your discomfort.

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Types of Back Pain

Back pain occurs in three areas: the upper, middle, and lower back. The reasons you experience pain in each area differ, so you want to pay attention to the location of your pain.

Upper back pain is the area near the top of your back and shoulders. You may also notice neck pain when you have pain in the upper back. Depending on the cause of the pain, the impact on your mobility will vary. Pain in the middle of your back is located below the shoulder blades. The discomfort often stems from lifestyle factors. Lower back pain occurs in the lumbar region and may radiate down your legs.

Reasons for Your Pain

The reasons for pain in your back may vary based on your symptoms and situation. By identifying the cause of your pain, our chiropractor provides an effective treatment strategy. We focus on healing the cause so that your back recovers.

Common causes of pain in the back include:

  • Compression, or pressure, on a nerve
  • Injuries to the back from an accident
  • Sprains and strains, which may occur while lifting heavy objects
  • Poor posture
  • Lifestyle factors, such as playing sports 
  • Degenerative disc conditions
  • Arthritis

In our clinic, we help you heal by treating the cause of your pain. We use up-to-date diagnostic tools to clarify the reasons for your pain and evaluate the severity of the discomfort before developing a personalized plan to help with your recovery.

Treatment from our Chiropractor in Lexington

Our chiropractor provides the care and service you need to heal from back pain. We use spinal adjustments and decompression therapy to help reduce pressure on your nerves and address degenerative disc conditions. We also use exercises and stretches to further enhance your recovery and support your core strength. We may assist with lifestyle adjustments when your pain stems from poor posture or other lifestyle factors. Our treatment focuses on your specific needs, so we make a custom plan of action to help with pain management.

Are You Experiencing Back Pain? Contact Our Chiropractor in Lexington Today

Treating the pain in your back is a process that starts with identifying the cause of your discomfort. When you work with our Lexington chiropractor, you will have the opportunity to heal. To learn more about our treatments for back pain, or to set up an appointment, call (859) 266-1999 today.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "ACL surgery / rehab caused my back to hurt. A co-worker recommended Dr. Lynch and I have felt great since. Dr. Lynch will go above and beyond to help and share knowledge about healthy living. 4 plus years getting a monthly adjustment has me feeling great. Thank you!"
  • "I have been a patient of Dr.Lynch’s for almost 20 years. When I started seeing him, I was having pain and difficulty walking. He has helped me have a better quality of life, able to live the lifestyle I desire. He’s is an outstanding Chiropractor. Thank you Dr Lynch!!! Also very kind and attentive staff!"
    Joy M
  • "Lynch Chiropractic Center is home to a team of some amazing professionals. The care that you are given is consistent and the information that is shared is amazing. The Lynch family truly cares for each of their patients and makes you feel welcome and goes out of their way to get you the best care. Dr. Ryan Lynch personally called another chiropractor for me in Louisiana when I went on vacation to ensure that I continued my treatments while out of town. Courteous, Caring, Sincere, Honest, & Professional are terms I often use when I talk about Lynch Chiropractic Care!!"
    Jeremy H
  • "Dr. Ryan Lynch has been adjusting my back and neck for the past month, and I will have to say that each time I go, I come out feeling more mobile and less in pain. He also explains what he is about to do and why, making you feel more involved in the procedure. The aftermath of my curved spine and a motorcycle accident started to show in forms of discomfort and pain in the recent months, and this was the place a friend of mine had highly recommended. I am glad to have taken the recommendation."
    Hiro K
  • "Today was my daughters first visit. She was evaluated and had x rays. Ryan Lynch is her doc and he was so informative. He not only addressed her but he addressed me as well as her mother. I would recommend Lynch chiropractor to anyone who is experiencing any neck back or any other pain. The office is clean the staff are all wonderful very sweet. These are the people to see look at their reviews they have a 4.9 star rating doesn't get much better than that."
    Kathy G